About Morrison & Associates Inc.

Morrison & Associates, Inc., a Florida Corporation located in Tampa, is a business services firm, whose team of providers are seasoned in a wide range of business support resources.  The firm provides a dimension that combines assisting organizations with external expansion and internal review that's flexible yet sufficiently seasoned to meet the changing needs of today's business climate.

Morrison & Associates, Inc. provides over 20 years of public and private sector organizational and project analysis, presenting public policy evaluation  and new initiatives, as well as sensitivity and exposure in troubleshooting tough issues with diverse policy concerns, both in the public and private sector.

Bob Morrison, President of Morrison & Associates, Inc., served as Executive Assistant to two Tampa Mayors, served as the 1st member and seven years as the 1st Chairman of the State of Florida Lottery Commission, and was managing partner of his own law firm for 11 years before founding Morrison & Associates in 1996.